Outraged parents demand school board member be fired after she doxxed them, used vulgar words

Norma Garcia- Lopez

A school board member in Fort Worth, Texas made it her personal mission to whip up an Internet lynch mob against a group of parents who sued a school district over COVID-19 mask mandates and then tried to turn it into a racial showdown.

The outraged parents, unfashionably white, are now demanding that school board member Norma Garcia-Lopez be fired after she released their private information on the Internet – presumably so that they could be harassed and abused by a larger group of people – and left profanity-laced voicemails for one mother.

Garcia-Lopez also serves as co-chair of the Fort Worth Independent School District’s Racial Equity Committee.

The potty-mouthed board member even admitted that she shared the private data on social media and that she shouted obscenities in a vulgar voicemail — but she continues to stand by her actions.

Garcia-Lopez was backed by the school board at a news conference on Dec. 2 after allegedly getting numerous threatening and racist phone and social media messages, including many calling for her quick removal.

“Some people consider my actions doxxing,” Garcia-Lopez said to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, about her doxxing. “It’s not doxxing when you expose someone who filed a public motion in a public court of law that impacts public school children.”

It is actually doxing to reveal any private citizen’s personal information online, no matter what they did.

Garcia-Lopez also played the race card, hard, accusing the parents of “white power,” and revealed on Facebook the phone numbers and addresses of four families. Also included was the name and address of one’s employer.

Garcia-Lopez’s articulate phone message went: “F**** you, you stupid b****. F**** you with your white privilege, not caring about the well-being of others, f*** you,” according to a recording obtained by Dailymail.com.


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