Overnight serial murderer! Texas doc admits to killing 67 unborn babies in single evening

Photo 6767014 / Abortion © Benkrut | Dreamstime.com

An 83-year old abortion doctor in Texas performed 67 of the procedures the night before the state’s limit on abortions took effect, and says that not being allowed to continue the killings constitutes “child abuse” by the state.

Jasbir Ahluwalia described working at a frantic pace at Whole Woman’s Health Clinic in Fort Worth on the night before the law took effect, and confronting an empty office the next morning on Sept. 1, when the law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy went into effect.

Ahluwalia described a dedicated but assembly-line atmosphere, saying in an interview with Vice of his co-workers: ” … They want to take care of the patients. … They wanted to take care of every patient, bring them in, move and move and move. I saw tremendous, tremendous teamwork that night.”

He added of the spectacular body count, ” … It went on by the book. We did not take any shortcuts. Everything was done properly. I was really amazed.”

Ahluwalia says he is now seeing significantly fewer pregnant women, as a reported 85 percent of abortions in Texas happen after six weeks. Melaney Linton, president of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, concurred that in the 10 days since the law took effect clinics in Houston had 63 patients slated for abortion procedures, contrasting with the approximately 250 they would usually have lined up.

The Texas law outlaws abortion at the sign of a heartbeat, or around six weeks into a pregnancy, with no exceptions. The law also lets private citizens report women who get abortions and anyone who helps them.

Ahluwalia claimed that his patients come in during much earlier stages of pregnancy, with some seeking terminations just two days into their pregnancy, and slammed the law as abusive of women who want their unborn babies dead and gone.

“A 15-, 16-year-old is now forced to carry a pregnancy to term, and they don’t have any resources to go out of state? That’s sad. That is absolutely sad. To me, that looks like the state is committing child abuse.”


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