Portland mayor scrubs gendered language from City Charter to be more ‘inclusive’

Wheeler narrowly won reelection earlier this month after criticism of the police's response to months of protests and riots as well as his own management of the city's homelessness issue [File photo]

The Mayor of Portland, Ore., a city that has been racked by violent leftist protests since the summer, is finally taking some decisive action.

… To remove all “gendered” language from the city’s charter, in a bid to become more “inclusive.”

In a tweet late on Nov. 12, Mayor Ted Wheeler said: “The language of the documents that guide the City should reflect our community. Today, Council authorized the City Auditor to remove feminine and masculine terms from the City Charter.”

Leftists like Wheeler believe that because some people are uncomfortable with societal roles and expectations of the two genders, that the whole concept of gender should be denied as a scientific reality.

Wheeler, who won a second term earlier this month despite criticism after the months of protests and riots in his city, added: “This important step will help make our documents more inclusive of all gender identities.”

The move result in words including “she,” “he,” “herself” and “himself” being removed from the progressive city’s charter, and follows similar action by the cities of Philadelphia and Tulsa, Okla., all of which wiped gendered references from their charters last year, Fox News reported.

Berkeley, Calif. has also removed words such as manhole, brother and policeman from its laws.

The changes to Portland’s City Charter had been drafted by the City Auditor’s Office, and speaking before the move was approved, Chief Deputy Amanda Lamb said the “intent is to be more inclusive in our language.”

The edits, more than five dozen in total, do not require a citywide referendum or voter approval like other amendments to the city charter.


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