Portland rioters attack downtown church, small businesses

Saint André Bessette Catholic Church known for helping the poor was damaged during riots Thursday night.

Portland, Ore. remains largely out of control, with a protest spinning into destructiveness on Nov. 4 and people smashing windows of small businesses and a church.

Numerous windows were shattered and still gone at stores like the women-owned and operated Wildfang, and the damage was spread out over several blocks, according to reporting by KGW8.

One of the targets was St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church at West Burnside Street and 6th Avenue, where every window on the outer doors was broken, no doubt terrifying the homeless person who was sleeping there as part of a program that cares for people in need.

“Until I can get the building secured, everything’s coming to a stop,” Fr. Tom Gaughan said. “So, there’s hundreds of people that we would normally give out food to- and we’re not gonna be able to because of this.”

He said he did not know how long it would take to make the building usable again.

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese called the attack on the church reprehensible.

Unlike past protests which turned destructive, Wednesday’s destruction was not targeted at the state or federal courthouse but at small businesses.

“Oh, it’s really discouraging,” Dana Sullivan said. She works nearby and knows some of the owners.

“For example, Tender Loving Empire, they just re-opened a week or two ago. And they’re struggling as it is. And to see the extent of the damage is really, it’s too bad,” Sullivan said.


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