Protesters burn Bible, American flag in Portland

A US flag is burned next to a plastic pig in Portland, Oregon.

“Protesters” once thought to be marching and chanting and burning in the name of George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis in May, are now showing more of their true colors and revealing that it is America itself and Christianity that have them most enraged.

Leftist “demonstrators” in Portland burned Bibles and an American flag, according to a report by KOIN 6, a local CBS station in Portland, and revealed their true grievances just as weeks of violent demonstrations seemed to be coming to a close.

Over the last two months, demonstrators including “Black Lives Matter”, a “Wall of Moms”, and a “Wall of Vets” have squared off with federal agents in the city, drawing widespread media attention as authorities bombarded marchers with tear gas and the protesters responded by throwing excrement, bleach, bottles, rocks, bricks and batteries.

Federal agents made a recent deal to allow local authorities to handle the protests, cooling tensions somewhat, but just after midnight marchers were recorded using the flag and Bibles to start fires outside the federal courthouse, which has been the focal point of the rioting.

“Left-wing activists bring a stack of Bibles to burn in front of the federal courthouse in Portland,” claimed Ian Miles Cheong in a tweet from Aug. 8. The post included a video showing leftists with “Black Lives Matter” signs throwing Bibles into a raging bonfire. The video had more than 1.8 million views and thousands of retweets at the time.

The fire was put out by members of Moms United for Black Lives Matter using bottles of water. They then stamped on the embers.

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