Reddit accused of ‘doxxing’ user as punishment for posting Antifa violence video


The leftists who run big, popular Internet communities continue to show how they like to run things: through politically motivated bullying and abuse of power.

This time the moderators of Reddit are accused of “doxxing” a user – that is, revealing personal information to the entire Internet – as a way of punishing what they regard as politically incorrect behavior or opinions.

Reddit user CreedBratton57 accused the service of doxxing after the user posted a video about an incident involving the left-wing group Antifa. The user’s GPS coordinates were subsequently leaked, the user charges, as reported on

The video showed someone fighting back against masked people who appear to be attacking a group. At one point the combatant punches back at the attackers, presumed to be Antifa members.

A series of screenshots support that the post was hijacked by taking over his “flair” – a short message that Reddit users can add to their usernames.

CreedBratton57 alleges that his flair was changed — entirely without his consent – to show his GPS location, thus doxxing him and exposing him to danger.

The reason for those with the power on Reddit to do this, he argues, is that they didn’t approve of the political opinion inferred in the original video involving Antifa members.

Services like Reddit purport to be neutral platforms, but alleged incidents like this should serve as a cautionary lesson.

Reddit admins have the ability to access user IP address information, while Reddit moderators do not. The user is therefore alleging that the Reddit interference and doxxing is occurring at the admin level.


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