Reports that students are role-playing gay and trans students are ‘inaccurate,’ school district claims

Richfield Public Schools/ Facebook

A Minnesota school district is frantically doing damage control after media reports exposed the sex education curriculum they are using, which, among other things, had students role play as homosexual youths figuring out how to “hook up.”

The Richfield School District has even posted a press statement on its website after stories about the curriculum created a firestorm of negative attention.

“The problem is, the information being shared is inaccurate and misleading,” the district said of the unflattering coverage. Their main point seemed to be that although the program they are using, called 3Rs, might contain highly questionable material, they aren’t using all of that stuff:

“The curriculum that we use at the elementary level comes, in part, from the 3Rs. (Rights, Respect, Responsibility) from Advocates for Youth. You can learn more about it on their website, however, we only use a few select lessons from this program — not the entire curriculum.

“There are no activities in the secondary curriculum that have students role-playing situations in front of the entire classroom. There are two activities that ask students to work in pairs and/or small groups to practice negotiation and assertiveness skills through scripted interactions. As is described in the National Health Education Standards using classroom time to demonstrate and practice refusal, negotiation and collaboration skills will enhance health and avoid or reduce health risks.”

Merely going to the website and viewing a few pages of lesson plans show class activities heavy on parents with two mothers or two fathers, bullying over sexual preferences, and talk about being gay or straight.

One lesson plan called “Sexual Decision Making,” for high school-aged teenagers, brought much of the negative attention. According to FOX News, students are asked to role-play as gay young men, one “out” and assertive and the other wishing to keep things more secret. How can they get together for sex? Students are expected to figure that out.

Sexualization and politicization of students by leftist teachers and administrators – whose jobs supposedly consist of teaching essentials like math, reading, history and the like – is becoming more and more of a contentious issue in school board meetings across the country in recent months.


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