Sesame Street introduces two gay dads and Disney launches ‘Pride Celebration Spectacular’

Long-running and beloved children's show introduced a family with two gay dads on Thursday's episode titled 'Family Day' during Pride Month/ Facebook

Sesame Street is moving into open advocacy for homosexuality, pushing an entire gay family on its young audience during Pride Month.

The venerable PBS-spawned children’s show had a “Family Day” episode recently, which premiered June 17 on HBO Max and YouTube and brought sexual behavior to the fore for the very young, reports

Sesame Street has always been a welcoming place of diversity and inclusion. So I’m so excited to introduce Nina’s Brother Dave, his husband Frank, and their daughter Mia to our sunny street,” said show actor Alan Muraoka, who also co-directed the episode, in a social media post.

In the past Sesame Street has felt free to help introduce young people to drug addiction and AIDS, and earlier this year the show introduced two black muppets to help inflame the media firestorm that was whipping up racial tension throughout the country.

The urban-themed children’s show first aired back in 1969 with unique approaches to basic learning about math and language, but has since become a political tool, just like virtually every other widely successful entertainment product in the control of the left.

Also in celebration of Pride Month, the Disney+ service is putting on a homosexual variety-show extravaganza to celebrate the sexual preferences of all its gay creators, employees, and fans.

Sporting a markedly self-obsessed title, This is Me: Pride Celebration Spectacular will premiere on the Disney+ YouTube and Facebook platforms on June 27. The concert will feature musical performances of songs from movies and series available to stream on Disney+, of course all re-geared to push homosexual messaging.

“We are committed to amplifying the voices of our LGBTQ+ creators and talent, and platforming content that reminds people to love loud—and sing louder—in this special event,” said Joe Earley, global head of Marketing and Content Curation for Disney+.

Kermit the frog will be featured in the Disney “Spectacular,” though his role remains unclear. Disney promoters of the event say that “beloved Disney classics” will be sung with “a queer twist.”

The kid-oriented extravaganza will be hosted by drag queen, Nina West, who rose to “stardom” after appearing in season 11 of Drag Race, a show pioneered by RuPaul and his quest to find “America’s next drag superstar.”

West has also been billed as a “superstar” for “bringing the magic of [Draq Queen] story hour to the comfort and safety of your home!” In May of 2020, she produced a YouTube show called “Story Time With Nina West.”

Despite the incredible media hype and promotion of West’s name, the YouTube show only managed a disappointing 901 views with 19 likes and 9 dislikes.


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