Sex scenes face extinction as actors concerned about getting COVID-19

Actors have expressed concerns about filming intimate scenes involving kissing in future projects once social distancing restrictions are lifted, meaning movies like Fifty Shades of Grey (pictured) would be come extinct

The coronavirus outbreak seems to be bringing people in the entertainment industry (and the media who report on them) around to a shocking, unexpected truth: Intimate contact with lots of different people can be hazardous to your health.

Who knew?

Even steamy sex scenes in movies or TV shows are threatened as those in the entertainment industry brace for new stringent rules associated with the spread of the new virus.

Mailonline reports that many actors are expressing new worries about shooting scenes that involve kissing or other intimate touching, even after social distancing guidelines are lifted.

Entertainment-industry insurers are also creating new policies to protect actors, which could lead to stars and production staff having to take coronavirus tests before getting too touchy with others.

Big-name actors are even seeking firm safeguards from studios before signing contracts, while studios worry that some scenes will be uninsurable.

“One of my fellow coordinator friends joked the other day we are going back to the 1920s when there was censorship,” said one “intimacy coordinator,” as Hollywood calls people who set up set sex scenes.


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