Some U.S medical schools say they’ll give hiring preference to LGBTQ students

Medical student Aliya Feroe recalls a doctor who referred her to another physician after learning she identified as queer. Photo: Steven Senne / Associated Press

If you’re an aspiring medical student applying to medical schools, be aware that a homosexual candidate might get your spot — simply for being homosexual.

The American Medical Association vowed in November to push for a federal ban on gay conversion therapy. Medical schools are now stating how “woke” they are to LBGTQ health issues.

Most importantly, some schools are making a major push to recruit LGBTQ medical students, under the excuse that patients get better care when treated by doctors who share their sexual preferences, the Daily Herald reports.

That is, only homosexuals can be trusted to treat homosexuals.

Exact numbers of LGBTQ medical students and doctors are unknown. In 2018, the AMA added sexual orientation and gender identity as an option for members to include in demographic profiles the group compiles. Of the 15,000 doctors and students who have volunteered that information so far, about 4 percent identify as LGBTQ. That’s similar to Gallup estimates for the general U.S. population, although LGBTQ advocates believe the numbers are higher and rising as more people are willing to “out” themselves.

This past fall, Harvard’s entering class of medical students was 15 percent LGBTQ, a milestone that is no accident.

The Association of American Medical Colleges’ primary application used by U.S. schools began offering prospective students the option of specifying gender identity and preferred pronouns in 2018. Harvard’s school-specific application allows applicants to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. A response is not required, but the option “sends a message that you’re wanted,” said Jessica Halem, the medical school’s LGBTQ outreach director.

“We know that doctors need to look like and be a part of the communities they serve,” Halem said.


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