TeenVogue promotes transgender ‘women’ on September cover

Transgender "woman" Jari Jones, featured on the September cover of TeenVogue. (Twitter)

TeenVogue, an online magazine ostensibly intended for teenage girls, has proven itself to be in fact a way for perverted men to act out their fantasies of being teenage women.

The publication chose to showcase two transgender “women” — that is, biological males pretending to be women — during September, with the headline “What is Fashion Now?”

Perhaps they answered their own question.

The two teen “women,” who in fact are neither, are model Munroe Bergdorf and model, actress, and writer Jari Jones, according to CNSNews.

On his website, Bergdorf reveals, “I happen to be mixed-race and transgender. I was assigned male at birth, but never felt comfortable with that label. Adolescence was confusing for me and at 24, finally, I began identifying outwardly as female. This was an incredibly freeing time for me and the start of my transitional journey – one that I accept will never fully conclude itself.”

It’s something every young girl can relate to.

Jari Jones, 29, was the face of Calvin Klein for June Gay Pride month. Jones is in a relationship with Corey Kempster, another transgender “woman.”

In announcing its September “girls,” TeenVogue posted on Twitter, “During a year of rebellion + revolution, this September we wanted to center the women at the heart of fashion but often left out of the conversation: @munroebergdorf + @iamjarijones — two Black trans women who are trailblazers, redefining the industry.”

In an Instagram posting about his fifteen minutes of fame, Bergdorf said, “I really don’t have the words to describe how this feels. As a Black, queer, transgender woman, I never ever thought that I could be on the cover of Vogue. But here we are! Dreams do come true … This is a moment I won’t ever forget.”


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