Tennessee ordering at-home ‘wellbeing checks’ on every child in state

(Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay)

Tennessee is giving new meaning to the term “nanny state” as it prepares to dispatch government agents to conduct “wellbeing checks” on every child in the Volunteer State.

The invasive move, like many other government policy overreaches in 2020, is a direct and stated result of the coronavirus pandemic. State governments have also been suspending the people’s right to peaceful assembly and free exercise of religion, all in the interest of public health, instead of merely issuing warnings and advisories.

Clarksville Online reports that the Tennessee Department of Education earmarked $1 million in federal funding to establish what it called the Child Wellbeing Task Force. Their plan is to send out “wellbeing liaisons” across the state to “ensure all children are checked-in on.

Many parents are outraged that the state will be sending agents into their homes as if they are not able to ensure the well-being of their own children.

“This is an invasion of privacy and a grab at the state becoming the parent,” one citizen wrote on social media. “How crazy can you get?”

“It’s not the government’s business how children are raised,” another outraged parent wrote.

According to a state document obtained by the Todd Starnes Radio Show, the task force will ensure “that the needs of Tennessee children are met during and after extended periods away from school.” The task force will also “empower local communities to meaningfully engage in ways that support child wellbeing.”

State Rep. Scott Cepicky said the program is a government overreach and that he is working to repeal it.


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