‘Transitioned’ man accused of ‘hate speech’ over T-shirt

Debbie Hayton in her controversial T-shirt. Right, members of the TUC’s LGBT committee respond with T-shirts that read ‘Trans men are men’ and ‘Trans women are women’

A man who “transitioned” to female in 2012 is set to be kicked off of a trade union committee for daring to speak a little too much truth: He wore a T-shirt stating that he is still biologically a man. He has also been accused of “hate speech”.

Debbie Hayton, a physics teacher, lives as a transgender women after “changing genders” eight years ago. Unlike many in the trans community, however, he does not believe his sex can be truly changed and is vocal about the fact that he will always biologically be male.

He now faces potential expulsion from the LGBT committee of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) for wearing a shirt bearing the slogan: “Trans women are men. Get over it!”

If the TUC rules against Hayton, who has been on the panel for five years, it would mean that even transgender people can be accused of transphobia for publicly stating what they believe to be the truth of their situations.

Hayton, 51, who has had surgery and taken hormones, wore the offending T-shirt to an event organized by campaign group Fair Play for Women in July. It brought a complaint in August.

According to the Sunday Times, 12 members of the LGBT committee wrote to Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the TUC, a federation of unions representing 5.5m working Britons, saying that by wearing the T-shirt Hayton had “gone beyond discourse, and the expression of alternative viewpoints, and is now propagating hate speech against the trans community.”


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