USA Today’s anti-white-man editor fired over tweet about Boulder shooting

Hemal Jhaveri was fired from USA Today for a tweet that assumed the shootings in Boulder were at the hands of a white man.Twitter

Journalism in 2021 seems to be all about making biased assumptions and immediately publishing them, but at least it’s still possible to get fired for it, as long as you do something really stupendously stupid.

That’s what the “race and inclusion” editor at USA Today did on March 26, inaccurately tweeting that the March 22 Boulder supermarket shooting was the work of another “angry white man,” according to reporting in The New York Post.

“It’s always an angry white man. always,” ex-editor Hemal Jhaveri tweeted Monday. She admitted in a Medium post on March 26 that the tweet had been “careless.”

How easy would it have been to tweet nothing at all, until she knew at least one fact?

“Extremely tired of people’s lives depending on whether a white man with an AR-15 is having a good day or not,” read the offhandedly racist tweet.

Not long after, police identified the Boulder suspect as Syrian-born Colorado resident Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, Jhaveri had to apologize and delete her clever accusation.

She then went on to blame white people for overreacting to her reckless racism, which was “sent at a heated time, that doesn’t represent my commitment to racial equality.”

She bemoaned how she had invoked “the ire and anger of alt-right Twitter.”

“There was social media outrage, threats and harassment towards me,” Jhaveri complained.

Jhaveri was fired from her position of “Sports Media Group Race and Inclusion Editor.”

“This is not about bias,” she claimed on Medium, “or keeping personal opinions off of Twitter. It’s about challenging whiteness and being punished for it.”


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