‘Victims of racism’ should take Ecstasy, psychedelics to reduce trauma, study suggests

A growing body of research has suggested psychedelics, such as psilocybin mushrooms, have a place in therapy

As the generation of the 1960s moved into academia it took its worldview along: Obsess about your own injuries, then get high to cope.

That’s actually the upshot of a new “study” that recommends taking Ecstasy or magic mushrooms to reduce the trauma of being exposed to racism. That’s right: University “scientists” found a single psychedelic trip from mushrooms, LSD or MDMA could help victims overcome racism to which they imagine they have been subjected.

As reported by DailyMail.com, psychedelic drugs could also help reduce stress, depression and anxiety in black, Indigenous and people of color who have been harmed by racism, according to the findings.

“Their experience with psychedelic drugs was so powerful that they could recall and report on changes in symptoms from racial trauma that they had experienced in their lives,” said research co-lead author Alan Davis, an assistant professor at Ohio State University.

“And they remembered it having a significant reduction in their mental health problems afterward.”

The more intensely spiritual and insightful the psychedelic trip was, the more significant the recalled decreases in trauma-related symptoms were, said the researchers.

Feel offended by others’ attitudes? Get wasted.

Davis said: ‘What previous mental health research has generally lacked is a focus on people of color and on treatment that could specifically address the trauma of chronic exposure to racism.’

Co-lead study author Monnica Williams, of the University of Ottawa in Canada, said the findings show psychedelics can be important for healing. “Currently, there are no empirically supported treatments specifically for racial trauma,” she said.


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