Violence breaks out in LA after a ‘transgender’ exposes himself to children in female-only spa

A man defends the 'trans' customer who exposed himself to children / Instagram

Violence broke out near a spa in Koreatown in Los Angeles on July 3 after a man pretending to be a woman disrobed in an area reserved for girls and women, exposing his genitals for all to see.

Present at a protest that devolved into violence were reputed Antifa members who assaulted a videographer, attacked a female protester and attacked a group of Christian street preachers, one of whom was hit in the face with a skateboard.

The people who opposed men exposing themselves to women and girls, whom NBC News refers to as “far-right protesters,” were outnumbered by those to whom NBC referred as “favoring transgender rights.”

Officers tried to control the scene and an LAPD helicopter hovered as demonstrators shouted at each other and in some cases exchanged blows, according to social media video from the scene of the clash.

A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman said one person sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was taken in a private ambulance to get medical help.

The incident that prompted the fracas was captured on video and shared on social media: A woman complained to Wi Spa USA workers about a “transgender” man who exposed himself in an area where women and children were nude.

The unidentified woman said a naked person ‘with a beard and penis’ entered a hot tub with her six-year-old daughter.

In a video, she posted: ‘We got into the hot tub, my little six-year-old daughter and I, and we were having a great time, we were in there with other women, when a person, I guess, with a penis and a beard came over with two girlfriends’.

The woman claimed to be a registered democrat and a supporter of gay pride. But allowing naked men into hut tubs with underaged girls was different.

‘This is different. This is different. My daughter is six years old, and she was nude, and this person wasn’t making any attempt to look like a woman whatsoever.’

Spa workers sided with the man and said legally they could not discriminate against him.

Social media video from the July 3 brawl showed demonstrators clashing with each other and with police. Protesters’ chants included “Save our children,” from being sexualized and exploited by the current fad for transgenderism.


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