While churches are shut, ‘essential’ pot stores sell drug that can worsen virus

American Lung Association suggests that marijuana smoking should also be considered a risk factor

While churches are being told to close and parishioners are even having their license plate numbers recorded by police in church parking lots, marijuana dispensaries are being classed as “essential businesses” in many states and allowed to stay open, serving customers.

Now comes a warning from the American Lung Association, reported by numerous news outlets including CBS and CNN: If you’re bored or wound up by the virus outbreak, don’t use marijuana to relax.

The lung-attacking virus makes the inhalation of anything irritating a much more dangerous prospect. Dr. Albert Rizzo, chief medical officer for the American Lung Association, said the virus affects breathing and so does smoking marijuana. He said the use of the drug causes inflammation, which is kind of like bronchitis, and getting COVID-19 on top of that, it could be a major problem.

The American Lung Association says even occasional marijuana use could cause issues. Health experts say it could also confuse doctors who try to diagnose you.


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