Whole Foods defends its ban on employees wearing BLM masks to work

Whole Food Market/ Facebook

Consistency is generally seen as a virtue, but progressives and “woke” leftists might be on the verge of declaring it just another manifestation of white supremacy.

A leading, Biden-appointed labor board lawyer is demanding that staff at Whole Foods grocery stores be permitted to wear Black Lives Matter face masks to work, under the argument that it constitutes “racial justice advocacy” by workers taking “group action to improve their lot as employees,” according to DailyMail.com.

The grocery giant has hit back with accusations that Jennifer Abruzzo of the National Labor Relations Board is violating the company’s First Amendment rights.

Meanwhile, a triggered leftist on American Airlines, wielding a smartphone and a social media account, called out a pilot’s “Let’s Go Brandon” luggage tag on Twitter in hopes of getting him in trouble with his employer, the Daily Mail also reported.

So which is it? Are political statements on the job OK for liberal Democrats but not for anyone else?

In July 2020 some 27 employees sued Whole Foods saying the store would send workers home without pay or impose other discipline for wearing BLM masks or related apparel, even while permitting other masks bearing political messages and sports team logos. Whole Foods insisted that their dress code bars all logos and slogans, and even said that they support the BLM movement.

On Dec. 17 Whole Foods denied Abruzzo’s charge that banning BLM masks violated employees’ rights under the National Labor Relations Act to engage “in concerted activities for their mutual aid and protection.” The company also accuses her of forcing it to display a “political message in conjunction with” its trademarked uniforms and logos.

Meanwhile, Dana Finley Morrison, the Missouri-based “fraternity and sorority worker” who tweeted about the American Airlines crewman, is being called a “Karen” on her beloved Twitter. The status of the crewman is not yet known.


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