Trading Guns for Citizenship

trading guns for citizenship
US Army handing out US citizenship papers to migrants
The controversial Courage to Serve Act proposes citizenship for illegal immigrants joining the U.S. military.

Scariest thing imaginable. There’s no other way of putting it.

There’s a bill in Congress called the Courage to Serve Act, a noble-sounding title meant to conjure images of patriotism, American pride, and flags waving in the breeze.

Liberals love pulling the wool over our eyes with cunningly titled bills.

Remember the “Inflation Reduction Act.” Even our Commander-in-Chief, Joe Biden, had a moment of rare candor when he expressed regret over its misleading moniker.

These leftists have no qualms about serving up a frosty pitcher of poison to the public and calling it Kool-Aid! 

Nothing in the Courage to Serve Act. (H.R. 7298) has anything to do with courage.

They’re selling us a bill of goods, labeling it as patriotism, when in fact, it’s nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to transform the proud institution of the United States military into a weaponized force aimed – not at foreign adversaries – but at Americans themselves.

In short, the Courage to Serve Act would allow illegal immigrants to join our armed military in exchange for U.S. Citizenship. That’s over 7 million possible recruits.

The legislation’s sponsor, Pat Ryan of New York, says it will help restore military recruitment. Last year, the military fell short of its recruitment goals by 41,000. In fact, America now has the smallest military in more than eight decades.

There’s no arguing that our U.S. military is sorely lacking recruits. This problem should leave every American thirsty for more troops, especially as the sound of war drums beats around the world.

So go on. Drink the Courage to Serve Act Kool-Aid. Who reads the ingredients anyway? Remember Pelosi’s famous quote about The Affordable Care Act? “We need to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Look how that worked out.

But let’s dive into the Courage to Serve Act.

For years now, the narrative pushed by the Biden administration has painted conservatives, particularly Trump supporters, as the greatest domestic threat since Benedict Arnold. 

They’ve militarized the Capitol and surrounded themselves with barbed wire, all to protect against this so-called insurrectionist menace. Biden himself has fantasized publicly about deploying F-15s against American citizens who dare to question his regime’s legitimacy.

What’s left unsaid, of course, is the implicit acknowledgment that our military might be hesitant to turn its guns on its own people. But if those pulling the triggers have no historical ties to America and no sense of shared destiny with the people they’re aiming at, well, suddenly, the unspeakable becomes a viable option.

Former Colonel Douglas McGregor, speaking to Tucker Carlson, sounded the alarm on the Courage to Serve Act’s underlying aim: to recruit individuals disconnected from the American populace, arm them, and then use them to oppress us.

McGregor, who served as a Senior Advisor to the Acting Secretary of Defense during the Trump administration, sharply criticized the motivations behind this bill, suggesting that its proponents seek to remake the world according to their own vision, even if it means destroying the country to “save” it.

This perspective sheds light on why the U.S. Military Academy at West Point recently revamped its mission statement. 

In March, Lt. Gen. Steven W. Gilland announced that the academy would replace its longstanding pledge of “Duty, Honor, Country” with a new focus on developing leaders committed to “Army Values” and ready to carry out commanders’ whims.

The former mission statement will be replaced with:

“To build, educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets to be commissioned leaders of character committed to the Army Values and ready for a lifetime of service to the Army and Nation.” (emphasis added)

So, instead of commissioned officers swearing allegiance to be dutiful and honor their country, they will be expected to pledge their commitment to defending Army Values.

Given the Army’s emphasis since September 2020 on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as core values, it’s clear the institution is aligning more with contemporary liberal values than traditional military ones or love for the country.

The Army’s People Strategy Manual now proclaims, “Diversity is the Force. Equity is the Goal. Inclusion is the Way,” positioning the Army as a leader in DEI. 

This realignment towards values championed by Hollywood, George Soros, Berkeley, and the LGBT community marks a departure from the traditional military ethos of Duty, Honor, and Country. 

This shift could make it easier to persuade soldiers, particularly those without ties to America, that the true adversaries are those opposed to these new values.

Remember, these illegal immigrants were raised in communist and socialist countries. Few can speak or read English. None understand our sacred constitution or our historical roots. Their neighbors and extended family members are hundreds of miles away from America.

To them, the United States IS a foreign country and the only Courage they need is a willingness to defend (not duty, honor, and country) but West Point’s Army Values: DEI.

And who are the enemies of DEI?

Sleep on that…if you can.


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