Transgenders demand a national holiday for ALL Americans to celebrate

Marsha P Johnson

A non-profit transgender organization is calling upon the United States Senate to create a Marsha P. Johnson Day in celebration of transgenderism.

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Marsha Johnson was homosexual rights activist. She was also a key participant in the 1969 Stonewall Riots that occurred after police raided a gay club, the Stonewall Inn, located in Greenwich Village in New York City.

At the time, the Stonewall Inn was owned by the mafia.

Marsha Johnson lived on the streets of New York City as a sex worker, and was arrested more than 100 times before his death. Johnson would often walk naked up Christopher Street.

According to an acquaintance, Robert Heide, Johnson could be aggressive and short-tempered and would “become a very nasty, vicious man, looking for fights”. Johnson died in 1992 by suicide, according to police.

The G.H.O.S.T. Project has created an online petition with to make the birthday of Marsha Johnson “a day that we reflect on our history, community and shared values.” A national holiday “would truly honor her legacy,” the petition states.


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