Trump, AOC ‘Squad’ Trade Insults, Trump: Squad is ‘Free to Leave’ U.S.

President Donald Trump traded comments of insult and accusation with a 'squad' of ultra-liberal socialist freshmen members of Congress as the Democratic Party writhes against the rising storm of young voices pushing the party to the farther far left. (NBC photo)

Washington Examiner – In a tweet Tuesday, President Donald Trump confirmed his ire over perceived anti-Semitic, anti-American and pro-terrorist comments made by freshmen Democratic lawmakers.

Trump tweeted Sunday that the congresswomen should go back to the crime-ridden places they came from if they were unhappy with the United States. Trump’s comments stirred outrage from Democrats, and several Republicans also condemned his remarks.

In a Monday press conference, Trump restated his belief that if the four stridently liberal Democratic Party members known as “the squad” were not happy, they were free to leave. . . Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Monday the House would vote on a resolution condemning Trump’s remarks.

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