Trump-backed Arizona governor candidate supports putting cameras in classrooms

President Donald Trump and Kari Lake/ Facebook

An issue that is looming ever larger as anti-American Democrats drive public schools and the nation itself off the rails is: cameras recording teachers in public school classrooms.

The idea, recently tackled by the Christian Action Network’s Shout Out Patriots news podcast, has now become a major feature of the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial race. The primary concern driving it is teachers pushing Critical Race Theory, a doctrine of racism toward whites and tearing down all “racist” U.S. institutions, including the legal system and free markets.

Kari Lake, a former news anchor and President Donald Trump’s pick for Arizona governor, is feeling backlash even from Republican rivals for backing classroom cameras, KOMO News reports.

Lake had already suggested cameras in classrooms to let parents monitor their children’s lessons, and she now reportedly supports college students’ being able to sue state universities for tuition refunds if they are taught CRT.

“They shouldn’t be teaching this garbage, where we’re teaching our kids to hate our country,” Lake said on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

In a recent edition of Christian Action Network’s “Shout Out Patriots” podcast, the cameras-in-classrooms idea was discussed at length. Hosted by Martin Mawyer, the show explored whether classroom cameras were evil nanny cams, an extra burden on good teachers, or the vital eyes and ears of parents who want to protect their children from teachers gone woke. Watch the full episode here.

Trump has given his “complete and total endorsement” to Lake in the 2022 Republican primary, saying in a statement that she is “against COVID lockdowns, Cancel Culture, and will end ‘woke’ curriculum in our schools.”

Lake has reportedly stipulated that school cameras should not be pointed at students or be live on the Internet for parents to monitor in real-time. Her vision is for parents’ being able to file complaints and get access to recordings if they suspect their children are being taught leftist racism in the classroom, according to

Republican candidate Matt Salmon reportedly said the idea is “very poorly thought out” and candidate Karrin Taylor Robson reportedly went so far as to claim Lake was following communist China’s lead in using an “army of cameras used to monitor and compile a massive digital profile against… [its] citizens.”


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