Tucker Carlson Tells Dads: “If Ever There Was a Time for Extremism”

Tucker Carlson on the Moms For America podcast with Debbie Kraulidis.

In a living room setting for Moms For America, Tucker Carlson sat across from Debbie Kraulidis, the organization’s vice president. The air was charged with anticipation because this would not be any ordinary podcast.

Debbie started the late April conversation by excitedly telling her audience, “Tucker Carlson is on the Moms For America podcast. We’re so excited.”

Indeed, she uttered a loud “Woo-Woo!” as she began. But it’s doubtful even she knew what was coming.

About midway through the interview, the conversation steered toward dads and their responsibility to protect their daughters from transgender women (men disguised as females) using female bathrooms, as well as school administrators trying to convert them into changing their sex.  

Tucker leaned in, his voice intense as ever, and asked what any average person would ask: “Where are the dads? I would like to think that if some dude showed up in the John with my daughter, I would beat him unconscious. Like that’s my job.”

“Protect my daughter?” Tucker asked incredulously, even amused by the apparent ridiculousness of the question. “I know what side I’m on. That’s why I exist. That’s my role.”

Debbie nodded while Tucker went on to clarify, “I’m not advocating violence. I’m advocating the defense of your own children. When you can’t defend your own children, then you’re a contemptible person. You’re not a dad.”

The former Fox News host even had a warning for potential predators: “Get creepy with my daughter? How about I die before I put up with that?”

During his animated discussion, he marveled that America is facing something most of the world would not tolerate.

“You get creepy with somebody’s daughter in a bathroom in Bulgaria, you’ll get beaten to death. So, you don’t do that. That’s a culture that respects itself enough to protect their own children.”

Tucker was quite aware that his comments sounded a bit extreme but didn’t bat an eye: “If ever there’s a time for extremism, it’s in the defense of your own children. Fear no one in the defense of your children, not the civil authorities. Fear no one.”

“We can have civil debates about legislation and all that stuff,” he said while adding a caveat, “We cannot have a civil debate about my kids. My kids are my kids. You hurt my kids and I’ll hurt you. It’s that simple.”

As the conversation progressed, Tucker touched on the broader implications of governmental overreach in family matters. 

He asserted, “First of all, the family is the building block of society. It’s the most basic unit of all. And the most important relationship in nature is between parent and child. And anybody who seeks to intrude on that, or replace the parent, needs to be resisted with force, including physical force.”

Yes, physical force, even if it means landing time in the local lockup.

 “Go ahead and arrest me for saying that,” he hammered down, “but I mean it.” 

“If a father finds out that a school counselor has told his child to change genders, how about you go to the school counselor and grab him by the face and force him to the ground and say, ‘You can’t do that to my child. It’s a minor child. You’re a child molester and you’re not doing that under any circumstances.'”

The interview concluded with Tucker poignantly saying, “I’m a Christian, but there has to be a line. And that line is messing with my kids, particularly sexually. Child molesters get murdered in prison for a reason. Because everybody knows, even prison inmates at an animal level, that cannot be allowed in any society.”

He challenged the Moms For America host, “Put this on the internet and have them arrest me for saying that. I don’t care.”

She did. And they haven’t. At least as of this writing.

As the show closed, Debbie thanked Tucker for his passionate insights. The episode immediately ignited debate across homes in America, reflecting on fathers’ role in defending their children’s virtues – like it’s their job.


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