Tunisia Bans Hijab Veil ‘Citing Security Reasons’ After Suicide Bombings

Tunisia joins several other European and Asian nations placing partial or full bans on full-face niqab veils as part of the hijab outfit required by Islam for women. (Reuters photo)

AlJazeera – Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed banned wearing of the niqab – a full-face veil – in public institutions, with immediate effect, citing security reasons.

“Chahed signed a government decree that bars any person with an undisclosed face from access to public headquarters, administrations and institutions for security reasons,” an official source said Friday.

The decision, which was reported on state media, comes at a time of heightened security in the country following a double suicide bombing in the capital, Tunis, June 27 that left two people dead and seven wounded. Witnesses said one of the bombers was disguised in a niqab. The Interior Ministry denied this and said the mastermind of the bombings blew himself up.

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