Twitter ‘Boys’ Club’ Censorship Nets Lawsuit by Meghan Murphy

Meghan Murphy says transgender militants have demanded she "shut up" about her feminist views that disagree with transgenderism, to "shut up and die," "choke" and even "commit suicide." "All of these . . . abusive tweets were lobbed my way attached to the word 'TERF,' . . . a term used to smear and denigrate those who question transgender ideology." (Wikimedia Commons photo)

PJ Media – Last year, Twitter permanently banned feminist journalist Meghan Murphy for tweets disagreeing with transgender identity. She’s suing.

Ironically, Twitter issued the final ban for a tweet referring to a man as a man, even though he presented as male on social media at the time. Murphy slammed Twitter as “sexist,” and her lawyer agreed that the company seems to act like a “boys club.”

“We don’t know who’s making the decisions here, but with respect to her speech, it does seem to be a boys’ club,” Noah Peters, one of Murphy’s lawyers, told PJ Media on Wednesday.

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