Twitter Fronts Legal Warnings for Islamic Republic, Sharia Court

In addition to Cristina Laila, an editor with the Gateway Pundit, Jamie Glazov, a Canadian columnist and critic of Islam, and Pamela Geller, anti-Islamic commentator and activist, received warnings from Twitter about their violations of Pakistan laws against supposed blasphemy. Geller informed Twitter: You bloody cowards can kiss my free ass. (Twitter photo)

The Gateway Pundit – Twitter legal issued Associate Editor Cristina Laila a warning that she violated Pakistan’s blasphemy laws over a tweet wherein she called for burkas to be banned in the U.S. The specific laws Cristina violated are punishable by life imprisonment or death.

Twitter happily delivered the threat to her. Twitter, an American company, warned an American citizen, who was exercising her First Amendment rights, about Pakistan’s Islamic blasphemy laws.

In a years-old, since-deleted tweet, Cristina called for the burka to be banned; this offended the Pakistani government enough to force Twitter to spring into action — even though the year-old tweet had been deleted.

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