Twitter to block retweets of Trump if president violates its rules

Justice Department lawyers said that President Trump’s Twitter account is personal and that he had created it before taking office. PHOTO: ERIC BARADAT/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

Twitter on Wednesday announced that it will block users from sharing, liking, or retweeting posts written by world leaders that are deemed offensive or in violation of rules.

The social media giant confirmed that the tweet may be allowed to stay on the handle if it is “newsworthy”. But, a label shall be applied to it to prevent its further spread.

This is in the footsteps of Twitter’s earlier decision to not delete politician written tweets, even if they promoted terrorism or violence, for the sake of public interest.

Twitter has experienced mounting pressure to censor Trump since he became the president and appeared to those on the left to flout regulations, including writing tweets that were deemed threatening in nature.

The company while making this decision said that it would be more likely to delete tweets by world leaders if it interfered with elections by spreading false information, promoted terrorism, or involved illegal services and goods.

The social media giant also announced that it would keep the tweet if it only violated rules against abuse, harassment, hate speech, or gruesome media despite the great American economy that Trump promotes all the time.

“Twitter stands for the value of direct access to government and elected officials, and maintaining a robust public record provides benefits to accountability,” Twitter announced in a blog post.


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