Two American Muslims arrested over plot to bomb White House and Trump Tower

Kristopher Sean Matthews, 34, from Eglin, South Carolina, was arrested on Monday

As if the press, Democrats, “Black Lives Matter” and Antifa aren’t enough, the United States still faces the threat of ISIS-inspired terrorist wannabes planning murder and mayhem. reports that a Gonzales County, Texas man seized by the FBI in San Antonio this week is accused of supporting ISIS and talked about carrying out attacks in the United States and overseas for the terrorist group, according to federal court records.

Jaylyn Molina, who also goes by “Abdur Rahim,” faces a charge of conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, according to an unsealed complaint. He was arrested Sept. 21 was scheduled to make an appearance in federal court in San Antonio early this week.

A co-defendant, Kristopher Matthews, was taken into custody in Tennessee, according to a motion to unseal records in the case.

A criminal complaint states that Matthews, a resident of Elgin, S.C. who calls himself “Ali Jibreel,” used an encrypted messaging application last year to find an ISIS member outside the U.S. to help him travel to Syria and recruit additional members who support the embattled group.

Matthews allegedly suggested it would be better to attack government centers rather than places like “malls where innocent children are.”

He allegedly suggested targeting Trump Tower and the New York Stock Exchange, hoping the sites would give the pair “rock star status.”


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