U.S. Army recruitment video features lesbians, a gay wedding and an LGBT pride march

The Army's new recruitment ad

The U.S. Army, which helped battle Nazism and communism into submission, has been turned into a weak, sensitive, laughable, homosexual cartoon by leftists in the U.S. government.

Not long after the CIA put out a painfully overdramatic and tone-deaf recruitment ad to signal its anti-racist virtue, the Army’s latest recruitment ad now features an animated lesbian wedding and an LGBTQ pride parade, reports MailOnline.com.

The new ad is part of the Army’s “The Calling” recruitment drive, which tells the stories of five diverse service members.

As if the military is an organization where one goes to explore one’s own individuality.

The two-minute recruitment video released earlier this month centers on Corporal Emma Malonelord, who was raised by two mothers. Malonelord is a real-life Army corporal; her story is the subject of the recruitment cartoon, which chronicles her life from childhood up until she joins the Army and becomes a Patriot Missile operator.

The cartoon drips with emotional drama: The animated version of Malonelord watches her two mothers get married after one recovers from an automobile accident that left her paralyzed. The corporal is also shown attending a gay rights parade and says she’s been “defending freedom” since a young age with her participation in the event.

Why the Army seems so focused on catering to homosexuals is not clear.

The ad has stirred up negative reactions, including one Twitter user who called it “super-woke-woke.”

Earlier this month a CIA recruitment video also labeled “woke” by critics was widely panned and ridiculed. The ad featuring a recruit described who herself as an “intersectional cisgender millennial” drew howls of derision online. In it, an unnamed 36-year-old CIA officer tells viewers she is “unapologetically me,” adding that she used to suffer from “imposter syndrome” but now refuses to “internalize misguided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be.”

As one Internet commenter put it: “The world is laughing at us.”



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