U.S. women soccer players wear BLM jerseys, protest anthem for fawning media

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

The United States women’s soccer team officially mistook itself for a political organization before a game on Nov. 27, holding an obviously well-planned and eager protest before the media’s cameras.

The team protested the national anthem of the “racist” country which gave them what little fame they enjoy, and wore “Black Lives Matter” uniforms prior to the game.

What happened to simply competing against another team, as soccer-playing athletes?

Ahead of a match against the Netherlands, the American women walked out of the locker room wearing jackets emblazoned with “Black Lives Matter” and then knelt for the national anthem, according to a breathless ESPN, which made the protest the headline instead of the team’s 2-0 win.

“We wear Black Lives Matter to affirm human decency. This is not political, it’s a statement on human rights,” the USWNT Twitter account said, along with a video showing the Black Lives Matter uniform jacket.

In a statement the team tried to have it both ways, declaring they “love our country,” but explained that giving lip service Black Lives Matter is an affirmation of “human decency.”

The U.S. men’s soccer team also became leftist mouthpieces earlier this month, wearing social justice messages on their pregame jerseys. The team wore anthem jackets with the words “Be the Change” emblazoned on the front with differing messages on the back, including, “Black Lives Matter,” “Be Anti-Racist,” and “Unity,” according to ESPN.

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