UK Home Secretary Tells Police Silent Prayer is Not Unlawful

There’s good news coming from across the pond.

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UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman has courageously stood up to remind the police force that engaging in silent prayer is, in fact, not illegal.

This isn’t just an observation; it’s a firm stand against a growing tide of ideological manipulation infiltrating law enforcement in the United Kingdom.

In a letter addressed to the chief constables of England and Wales, she emphatically stated that, regardless of the mounting pressure and partisan politics, “silent prayer, in itself, is not unlawful.”

It’s a sobering and necessary reminder to the law enforcement community, urging them to uphold the principles of impartiality in their duties.

Braverman warns that such behaviors risk derailing the essence of law enforcement – protecting the community without any vested political interest.

“I am concerned that confidence in policing has been affected by perceptions that the police have in recent years been seen, on occasion, to be taking a political stance,” she wrote.

Braverman’s letter addresses the growing encroachment of police suppressing the religious freedoms of individuals who choose to express their pro-life stance through quiet reflection and prayer outside abortion clinics.

In recent months it seems as if silently praying has become a revolutionary act, with silent protestors being arrested making headlines.

Braverman reminded officers that His Majesty’s Chief Inspector wrote a letter earlier in the year stating, “The police must uphold the law as it is written. They aren’t there to champion social change or take sides. This includes a requirement to preserve all rights, including the right to free speech.”

Reacting to this letter of sanity is Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, a brave woman who was unjustly arrested last year in Birmingham for her silent prayer. She expressed her relief and happiness at the home secretary’s stern reminder to the police.

Her delight, shared by many, echoes the sentiments of a nation yearning for a return to rationality and respect for the fundamental liberties of its citizens.

It’s a hopeful sign that there are still leaders ready to champion the values of freedom and impartiality.

Let’s hope this is a first step in reclaiming the true essence of law enforcement in the United Kingdom.


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