You Are Chosen!


You Are Chosen! is a book by Martin Mawyer and co-author Jerry Skirvin that challenges Christians to become warriors for Christ.

Read a sample from Chapter Nine: Time to Gear Up
Read a sample from Chapter Eleven: A Vision of the Struggle to Come

For the second time in history Christianity is the most persecuted religion on Earth. All around the world are church bombings, executions, lawsuits, hostile legislation, incarceration, torture.

Today’s churches spend precious little time teaching Christians to live in a world that hates and targets them for their faith. Yet the properly trained warrior knows that Christ came to set fire to the Earth and that His Kingdom would suffer both oppression and violence.

They know Christ never came to bring world peace, and that they must be prepared for persecution.

More than ever, Christians need to be properly trained and equipped. With proper guidance and armor, Christians can become warriors for Christ and confidently sing, “Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered.” (Ps. 68:1)

‘Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword,’ Christ told his disciples. (Matt. 10:34 NASB)

Step by step, You Are Chosen! turns the reader into an effective warrior for Christ.  From understanding the ways of God’s enemies, to knowing how to put on God’s full armor, the reader will learn how to become “worthy” to Christ.

Jesus said to his disciples, “He who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.” (Matt. 10:38) But what does it mean to “take up the cross” and be counted “worthy”?

What did Christ mean when he said the Kingdom of God would suffer violence? Did Christ really come to bring peace to all? Why did Christ tell his disciples to sell everything and buy a sword? What does it really mean to “turn the other cheek”? Is the Antichrist coming? Is he already here?

Taking up the Cross is the willingness to lose everything and risk harm if someone tries to stop one from performing one’s Christian duties and ministries. One must be willing to sacrifice everything—from physical safety to loss of property to forfeiture of life itself, just like Jesus did when He took up the cross.

Becoming “worthy” of Christ is vital for every Christian who wants to live under divine protection, especially in an age of persecution. The only way to escape that day of evil is to be counted “worthy.”

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. (Luke 21:36, emphasis added)

The authors take a hard look at important scriptures almost universally ignored (or grossly misinterpreted) by today’s church.

In a world that increasingly denies the existence of God, the validity of human life at conception, the existence of gender roles or even the fact that God created male and female, Christians must learn to provide their communities with the Salt and Light of scripture:

We are the salt of the Earth, meaning we are not only here to give flavor to the world, but to act as a preserver of God’s glorious truths. If we fail to do this, we are worthless as a Christian body.

Increasingly, the world of non-believers does not shy away from displaying their hatred for Christian soldiers who bring this Salt and Light. They will do whatever they can to shut down God’s truths and silence those who dare to enunciate them.

Employers are firing Christians over their biblical views. Christians have faced malicious and ruinous lawsuits. Others have gone to jail. Still others have been subjected to violence. Christian businesses have been forced to shut down.

Former Arkansas Governor and onetime presidential candidate Mike Huckabee explained it this way on FOX News:

‘Today, the new direction of the left is: In the name of tolerance be intolerant. In the name of love, hate people. In the name of diversity, demand conformity. Because that’s where we are. And it’s not enough for them to say we disagree and I wish this person would change his mind. Today, it’s ‘let’s put them out of business.’ Let’s close their store. Let’s not allow them to continue to operate a business. Let’s damage them professionally. Let’s hurt their brand. It’s all about destroying the other side, rather than disagreeing with the other side. Today, it’s let’s destroy everyone who disagrees with me.’

Christ did not choose the church for defeat; He chose the church for victory. You Are Chosen! teaches survival skills for the Kingdom of God and how to “crush Satan under your feet.” (Ro. 16:20)

But it will take the proper training, equipment, scriptural insight and instructions.  

There was a reason why the Apostle Paul told Christians to put on the full armor of God. It was not to make them prosperous or successful, or to bring praise for their exemplary lives.

Paul knew the enemies of God would target Christians for harm, destruction, persecution. He knew that only properly fitting armor, understood and skillfully deployed, could protect them.

You Are Chosen! focuses on the tools necessary for every Christian to stand firm and scatter the enemies of Christ. As a Christian warrior you can be triumphant in a fallen world.

Martin Mawyer is president and founder of the pro-family Christian Action Network, based in Lynchburg, Va. He has written and produced numerous documentary films and books, including the best-selling book Twilight in America. Mawyer began his career as a journalist in Washington D.C. before becoming editor of Dr. Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority Report in 1983. 

Jerry Skirvin served as an assistant and political adviser to Dr. Falwell. In 1979 he was appointed regional coordinator of Dr. Falwell’s groundbreaking pro-family organization, the Moral Majority. Throughout his 40-year career he has worked with numerous traditional-values organizations and their leaders, including Col. Oliver North, the Rutherford Institute and Liberty Council. 

Read a sample from Chapter Nine: Time to Gear Up

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