United Nations Endorses Sex Between Minors and Adults – Video

International Women’s Day Marred by UN’s Shocking Sex Recommendations

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Martin: So get ready, grab the popcorn, strap on your thinking caps, and embrace yourselves for a wild adventure into the realm of girly man lingerie. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Marty. 

What’s a down-to-earth, conservative fellow like you jabbering about girly man unmentionables? 

Well, let me tell you. 

There’s this swanky new lingerie brand making waves, and it’s liable to make your sweet old grandma blush something fierce. 

This one is a real noodle scratcher, I tell you. 

So there’s this brand, Femmes Unleashed, which purports to be by women for women. 

But get this. 

They’ve gone and featured a fellow wearing lady bras and bloomers in their latest ad campaign. 

I mean, for crying out loud, what self-respecting woman wants to see that when browsing for her dainty underpinnings? 

I’m no lingerie connoisseur, but I reckon most gals would rather see those frilly things on other women. 

But heck, what do I know? 

There may be a big ol untapped market for Fellas and Lacey underthings. 

Stranger things have happened. 

But here’s the real kicker. 

The ad’s catchphrase is Empowerment starts from within. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall empowering women involving the mental image of their bows sporting brawls and panties. 

I may be missing the point. 

This may be a gutsy trailblazing marketing tactic to give the lingerie industry an excellent old shakeup. 

But who’s to say? 

Maybe, the next fashion phrase will be fellas prancing down the catwalk in stilettos and push-up Ross while the ladies holler; give me some of that. 

Yeah, I ain’t holding my breath either. 

I suppose we’ll have to sit tight and see if this ad campaign soars like an eagle or goes down in flames like, I don’t know, Bud Light. 

In the meantime, you can bet your boots I’ll be sticking to my trusty, tried and true tidy whities

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