Unlicensed guard who killed Navy vet at rally was far-left Occupy backer, ex-girlfriend says

Matthew Dolloff, 30, was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of first-degree murderCredit: Reuters

A “security guard” who shot a Navy veteran to death at a tense political rally was at one time an Occupy protester and shared far-left opinions online, his ex-girlfriend claims.

The shooting occurred at a pro-police Patriot Muster event in Denver, Colo. on Oct. 10. Local TV station 9News had hired Matthew Dolloff, 30, to protect staff at the rally, where police-supporting demonstrators ran up against Black Lives Matter and Antifa counter-protesters.

Dolloff had been hired through the Pinkerton security firm, which sub-contracted him from another agency. It was revealed on Oct. 11 that he was not licensed as a private security guard.

During a scuffle with Lee Keltner of Denver, who was supporting police, Dolloff can clearly be seen in video and photos aiming a semiautomatic pistol and shooting the Navy veteran.

Interviewed by DailyMail.com, a woman claiming to be Dolloff’s ex-girlfriend provided possible insight into the alleged shooter’s background.

Saying she dated Dolloff from 2010 to 2013, right after leaving high school, the woman said they both were involved in Occupy Denver, a local arm of the Occupy Wall Street movement that claims to protest economic inequality. She said they had broken up and fallen out of touch and that it wasn’t until the recent shooting that she even thought of her ex again.

Denver police said Dolloff has no known affiliations with Antifa or Black Lives Matter, which the ex-girlfriend confirmed.

“He shares a lot of the same views and yes, was heavily involved with Occupy Denver/Wall Street but hasn’t, from my knowledge been involved in any activism for the last five-plus years.”

Dolloff’s ex did confirm that a number of left-wing posts that had been shared online, believed to be by Dolloff, were from his account.

Dolloff has no previous criminal charges other than traffic incidents.


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