US Government to probe Microsoft over aim to double black staff

The Microsoft sign is shown on top of the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California

A giant corporation is finally being called out for an obvious wrong that has now been going on nationwide for years: hiring and promoting people based solely on the color of their skin.

After Microsoft pledged to double the number of “black and African American” senior staff by 2025, the company is under scrutiny from the U.S. Department of Labor for possible racial discrimination.

Department officials have warned the company that their target appears “to imply that the employment action may be taken on the basis of race.”

Microsoft has denied the accusation, with lawyer Dev Stahlkopf stating on a blog, “We are clear that the law prohibits us from discriminating on the basis of race.

“We also have affirmative obligations as a company that serves the federal government to continue to increase the diversity of our workforce, and we take those obligations very seriously. One thing remains true of all our programs. We hire and promote the most-qualified person. And nothing we announced in June changes that.”

Microsoft would furnish information to defend itself, he added. The Department of Labor told the company it has until Oct. 29 to do so.

The department told the software titan that while companies can create affirmative action targets to boost employment of “minorities and women,” they cannot “engage in discriminatory practices” to reach them.


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