Va. judge finds probable cause that ‘Gender Queer’ book is obscene to minors

Gender Queer Book/ Amazon

A Virginia Beach Circuit Court has affirmed what concerned parents and conservatives, in general, have been warning about: that pornographic books have been placed within reach of schoolchildren in the guise of making kids more “inclusive” and “queer-friendly” and, in a word, sexualized. 

Having filed a lawsuit on behalf of Tommy Altman, a parent alarmed over Maia Kobabe’s book Gender Queer: A Memoir, attorney and Virginia state Delegate Tim Anderson announced in a recent Facebook post that a court has found the book obscene, reports CBN News. 

And not just that book. The 2016 book A Court of Mist and Fury is also listed in the lawsuit.   

“I am pleased to announce a major legal victory,” Anderson wrote. “The Virginia Beach Circuit Court has found probable cause that the books Gender Queer and A Court of Mist and Fury are obscene to unrestricted viewing by minors.”  

The goal was not to ban the books, he explained, but rather to see if they meet the “obscenity standards set forth in the Virginia Code.” 

 “While the case is moving forward, we are asking the Court to prohibit Barnes and Noble from selling the books directly to minors and from the schools allowing minors to have access to the materials without parental consent,” he wrote. 

 Across the nation, parents and school boards are waking up to the sexual grooming of young people by school staff who describe and even encourage the activity in the name of promoting acceptance and diversity. Gender Queer had been pulled from Virginia Beach public schools libraries after school board members found that it included inappropriate images that were “pervasively vulgar” and amounted to “pedophilia.” 

Stacy Langton, a Fairfax County mother of six who was famously prohibited from reading aloud from the book to a public school board meeting because it was too dirty, told KABC News that she plans to follow Anderson’s lead. 

 “This shows there’s a higher authority,” Langton said. “There’s another pathway here. And if a judge adjudicates it and rules the book to be obscene then, from my understanding, it would have to be removed (here) as it will be down in Virginia Beach schools.” 

Anderson has received dozens of appreciative comments from Facebook followers thanking him for the lawsuit and taking a stand. 


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