Vending Machine Plan for Morning-After Pills Hits a Snag in Conn.

Several colleges and universities in the U.S., such as U.C. Davis, part of the California public-funded school system, are installing birth control vending machines that dispense Plan B contraceptives. (Facebook photo)

The Daily Mail – Yale University was forced to pull the plug on plans for vending machines that would dispense the ‘morning after’ pill because it does not comply with Connecticut law.

The machine, which has already been installed in a few other US universities, was being considered for Silliman College, the largest college in the center the Ivy League school.

Plan B, a $50 progestin-only pill which can be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to prevent a pregnancy, has long been free of charge for Yale students, but it required a conversation with a nurse about sexual activity and questions about sexual assault.

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