Vicar Shames Christ, Cross & Gospel, Puts Church Beneath Islam

English church vicar Lissa Scott liberally expresses her shame of the cross, Christ and the gospel, putting them beneath Islam in order to celebrate diversity instead, and have Islamic prayers - the men and women segregated so Islamic sharia is obeyed. (Facebook photo)

CBN News – A Church of England vicar sparked controversy when she offered to cover up an image of Jesus and a crucifix in honor of the Muslim holy month Ramadan. 

The Sunday Times reports that Rev. Lissa Scott and Gerland Lee, a former mayor of Darlington, were planning on hosting a Ramadan celebration at St. Matthew and St. Luke’s church in Darlington on June 2. The goal of the event was to celebrate diversity.

Muslim men from a nearby mosque were invited to pray in the church, while Muslim women were offered space in adjoining rooms. Church leaders also offered to cover up a cross and a well-known art work depicting Jesus.

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