Virgin Air Celebrates the Stench of Sexual Perversion

Virgin Atlantic decided to celebrate homosexuality in its new lineup of aircraft icons, including a so-called gay man whose sexual disorientation is symbolized by a leotard that incorporates several colors of the LGBTQ "rainbow." Never yet depicted in aircraft icons: a white heterosexual male. (Virgin Atlantic photo)

Virgin Atlantic will be replacing its famous flying lady emblem with five new icons intended to represent modern Britain.

The carrier said it is replacing its traditional image with a diverse range of men and women on its new A350-1000 fleet. Among the [so-called] “flying icons” will be a black man and woman, as well as a gay man.

They will be wearing a red leotard in the new artwork, with the company claiming to be the first airline to have male figureheads on its aircraft. One of the figureheads represents a gay man and has the colors of the rainbow painted onto his leotard.


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