Virginia Delegate Tim Anderson sues Barnes & Noble for selling obscenity to minors

Virginia Delegate Tim Anderson

Here’s our recent episode of Shout Out Patriots:

​Virginia Delegate Tim Anderson sues Barnes & Noble for selling obscenity to minors​

Do parents have a right to decide if their children see and read obscene material?

Some authors, politicians, and other outspoken members of the Left argue that the answer is no.

They want children to have access to books with obscene themes – such as Gender Queer – regardless of their parents’ wishes.

In this episode of Shout Out Patriots, find out what strides Virginia Delegate Tim Anderson is taking to give parents back the power they deserve.

Delegate Anderson is suing Barnes & Noble for obscene books that are for sale to children without restriction, as well as available in school libraries.

Gender Queer is a sex book about what it’s like to be a boy trapped in a girl’s body, but still boy crazy!

Sounds like a brain teaser, doesn’t it?

In a nutshell, Gender Queer is a graphic book that encourages girls to become boys even if they still want boyfriends.

But of course, that new boyfriend has to want a ‘boy’ that was a girl who transitioned into becoming a boy. Yeah, kids should read all about it.

If you say this is complete blathering nonsense, listen to this week’s podcast to learn more about the vulgar messages being promoted to children and what’s being done to stop it

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