Virginia Tech faces lawsuit for intimidating ‘students into silence’

Virginia Tech/ Facebook

How do you take free speech away from Americans?

You transform it into something called “harassment,” meaning the stating of ideas that others might not agree with.

And then you ban harassment.

That’s what Virginia Tech University did, and now they face a lawsuit from the nonprofit group Speech First.

Filed on July 8, the lawsuit targets VT’s harassment and discrimination policy along with a computer policy that outrageously prohibits the use of the network for “partisan political purposes” (and you can guess what party is being referred to here).

It also aims at the university’s ban on distributing “unapproved” literature or petitions.

“Through this elaborate disciplinary apparatus, administrators at Virginia Tech have intimidated students into silence, refraining altogether from expressing comments or viewpoints that might be perceived as controversial or offensive,” said Speech First president Nicole Neily in a statement to FOX News.

The lawsuit reflects increasing tensions at schools where students’ free speech is being muzzled in a supposed effort to prevent “harassment” and “bias,” which is being elevated to the level of actual physical assault. “Bias-related incidents” include jokes and “words or actions that contradict the spirit of [its] Principles of Community.”

“Virginia Tech is committed to providing an environment of work, study and leisure/recreation for students, faculty and staff that is free from all forms of harassment, intimidation, fear, coercion and exploitation,” reads the dean of students’ website.

In other words, don’t voice an opinion that any leftist might disagree with.


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