Virus rule lets police arrest 8 for protesting outside Charlotte, NC abortion clinic

Police arrested eight people protesting outside a Charlotte abortion clinic violating the state's stay-at-home order on Saturday. (Source: WBTV)

In some places, COVID-19 lockdowns are beginning to look like Christmas morning for local officials with tyrannical tendencies.

In Charlotte, N.C. on April 5, police suddenly had no restriction on breaking up a gathering of about 50 protesters outside of an abortion clinic, making several arrests, citations and charges, WMBF News reported.

A total of eight people who refused to leave the premises of the Preferred Women’s Health Center on Latrobe Drive in Charlotte were arrested, authorities said. The reasoning? The gathering of 50 people violated the brand-new mass gatherings in the North Carolina Stay at Home Order.

All of the participants were asked to leave, said a spokesperson for Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

After an initial order for compliance, a dozen people who were in violation refused to leave and were issued a citation for Violation of Emergency Prohibitions and Restrictions under NCGS 14-288.20A(2).

Following the issue of citations, eight of those people still refused to go along with the order and were arrested. A total of 13 people were charged, police said. They have been charged Violation of Emergency Prohibitions and Restrictions under the same law.

CMPD is continuing to manage the order through voluntary compliance, but the department will enforce violations through citations and/or misdemeanor arrests if voluntary cooperation is not gained, police said.

Which is to say, compliance is not voluntary.


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