Warning: Texas Order to Raise Son as Girl Impacts All Families

The case of a dad under court order to raise his son as a girl impacts everyone whose beliefs are not in line with transgender ideology, warn religious liberty advocates. (Web News photo)

Christians should pay attention to the Texas custody case of a dad under court order to raise his son as a girl against his Christian convictions, leading religious liberty advocates warn.

Mommy Underground editor Jennifer Roberts, political commentator Al Mohler and Christian Action Network President Martin Mawyer exposed underlying meanings of this case that could spell out deep wounding of the family unit in America.

The Rundown

The case centers on Jeffrey Younger, father of twins James and Jude, in the midst of a heated custody battle with Anne Georgulas, their mother.

“Families crumble as progressive propaganda permeates our media and schools,” Roberts said. “Their efforts to normalize behaviors that would have been unheard of decades ago is leading many astray.”

She said that six-year-old James is the tragic part of this custody case. Georgulas is manipulating him even though he is a boy who when with his dad is all boy. He loves to swim, swing, camp and dress up like a superhero.

The case pushes dreadful limits as Georgulas pushes James in the direction of living as if he is a girl.

“She chose to take him to a transition therapist,” Roberts said. She’s placed him in “social conditioning” classes, to “enroll him as ‘Luna’ in a new school, and dress him as a girl,” she added.

“She puts makeup on him, makes him use the girls’ bathroom, and she forbids James’ father to cut his hair.”

Mohler said he found the case profoundly difficult to even talk about. “You can think about your horrifying stories, but it’s hard to come up with a headline and story more horrifying than this,” he said.

Al Mohler is a political commentator as well as president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. (AlbertMohler.com photo)

“The transgender identity handle enables the use of a six-year-old boy as a weapon of war,” he added. “At its base is the very lie of the transgender revolutionaries.”

Mawyer said that the news angered him, and he recalled a powerful warning from The Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 17:2.

In the Bible, Jesus says, “It were better for him that a millstone be hanged about his neck, and he be cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

“My heart goes out to this young boy, and many others misled by this transgenderism lie,” Mawyer said. “It is not just a matter of being misled, but offended, because this is offending them so young in life.”

The Impacts on Family, Faith and Freedom

“Georgulas is making it her mission to transition the little boy and prepare him for chemical castration, which can legally be done at eight years of age,” Roberts said.

“The courts have gone so far as to give James’ mother sole decision-making rights when it comes to medical and psychiatric care for their son.”

Roberts concluded that a few sexual deviants are backed by liberal elites, the politically powerful, a well-connected academia and wealthy underwriters of progressivism.

This is coming from a therapist who is pushing an agenda, caring not if this young boy even fits her own proclaimed standards for actual gender dysphoria

“It is truly unbelievable how a small minority of gender-confused citizens with true mental health issues were able to change laws, to turn our court system upside-down and to make our public schools [into] indoctrination centers,” she said.

Mohler said that the case and others like it should be noticed by Christians as inevitable and as stemming from the breakdown of the family due to no-fault divorce decades ago.

“The new mandate is that transgender identity wins over everything else, including all reason,” Mohler said. “This is taking place in the context of the breakdown of the family in America. That is not accidental.”

Mawyer said that the case focuses on one family, but it is a microcosm of the wider situation. “We see here a small sample of exactly what the liberal, [politically] progressive, pro-homosexual, pro-LGBTQ agenda is for every single one of us,” Mawyer said.

“This is coming from a therapist who is pushing an agenda, caring not if this young boy even fits her own proclaimed standards for actual gender dysphoria. She wants him to be transgender,” he added.

“The movement is recruiting more transgenders, and the movement wants us to bow in agreement to transgender ideology.”


Pro-Transgender case forces dad to raise his six-year-old son as a girl



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