Whole Foods CEO says capitalism is the ‘greatest thing humanity has ever done’

The 67 year old said capitalism is the 'greatest thing humanity has ever done' while claiming socialism 'impoverishes everything'

Universities and liberal thinking are an enormous threat to business and all the good it can do for humanity, according to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey.

“Capitalism is the greatest thing humanity’s ever done,” Mackey said over Thanksgiving week to the American Enterprise Institute while discussing business leadership and how it must change for the betterment of mankind. FOX Business reported on the event.

“We’ve told a bad narrative, and we’ve let the enemies of business and the enemies of capitalism put out a narrative about us that’s wrong. It’s inaccurate and doing tremendous damage to the minds of young people.”

Mackey, who is worth an estimated $75 million, characterized socialism as “the path to poverty.” Of current, complacent business culture, he said:

“It needs to evolve. Otherwise, the socialists are going to take over — that’s how I see it, and that’s the path of poverty. They talk about trickle-down wealth, but socialism is trickle-up poverty. It just impoverishes everything. That’s my fear, that the Marxists and socialists, the academic community is generally hostile to business. It always has been. This is not new.”

Mackey argued that the purpose of business is to create value for others and blamed colleges and progressives for spreading an incorrect, jaundiced view of capitalism.

“That’s why we’re seeing this move toward socialism – because capitalism they see as inherently corrupt,” Mackey said. “That is wrong.”


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