Woman’s Transgender Lies Leads to Suicide Try, $93,000 Cost

Ms. Jordan, a woman who thinks she is, or she wants to be, male, attempted suicide recently, and she discovered that doing so is very expensive. (Unilad photo)

vt.co News – A [woman who identifies as if a] . . . man who attempted to take [her] . . . own life shared the hospital bill for $93,000 [she] . . . received after treatment. Oliver Jordan, 21, a legal assistant in Tulsa, OK, attempted suicide after struggling with [her] . . . mental health in the summer of 2018.

[She] . . . spent one week in the hospital, where the costs quickly racked up, and upon leaving [she] . . . was shocked by how expensive [her] . . . healthcare had been. This week, [she] . . . took to Twitter to share an image of the hospital bill [she] . . . received.

[She] . . . said of it, “This is how expensive it is to attempt suicide in the US.” The post quickly went viral, reigniting the longstanding debate over the benefits of the American healthcare system.

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*** The Christian Action Network editorial policy is to correct sexual references and pronouns to actual biological sexes when known, corrections appear in [brackets]


  1. He was informing people of a dire problem in out healthcare system, please stop giving false information about a person that went through soething so horrible. pray and learn to be a better human.


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