World Hijab Day Celebrates Islamic Oppression Over Women Today

An assessment by Understanding The Threat examines some of the oppressive impacts that Islamic rules requiring the religious practice of "hijabi" have on women wherever Islam claims authority. ( photo)

World Hijab Day dawns with a plan to gather hijabi enthusiasts on the steps of New York City Hall where Nazma Khan, founder of the annual event, is scheduled to speak.

That public gathering is one of 15 noted rally points across the U.S., and 48 more worldwide, but curiously missing is any announcement about events at public schools anywhere.

Christian Action Network President Martin Mawyer said that there is a simple explanation for this.

“They are still hiding from us their work to popularize this religious indoctrination through our public schools,” Mawyer said.

“We will hear about some of the public-school indoctrination events in the following days, perhaps a week or so, as they post photos in local papers, perhaps some will be a subject for a local TV news story.”

Mawyer said that the Christian Action Network is focused on stopping the event as a religious practice promoted by public school faculty and staff, but rallies for World Hijab Day where scheduled as general matters of free speech are not part of that.

“We’re not about stopping Nazma Khan’s gathering at New York City Hall,” Mawyer said. “That does not mean we agree with her take on the hijab as a religious practice. In truth, it is a part of Islamic sharia, that we see as a form of oppression.”

John Guandolo leads an effort to expose jihadist threats globally and to America specifically at online. (YouTube video still)

In a story by John Guandolo’s Understanding The Threat, (linked here) an analysis of the practice notes that it is not the crown of elevation that some say it is.

“Women all over the world will hail sharia and let Islamic propaganda sensationalize the oppression of women,” the UTT threat analysis noted about World Hijab Day.

“This event is not about celebrating a headscarf as a fashion accessory and an ‘expression of religious freedom.’ Wearing the hijab is an obligation under sharia, which is barbaric foreign law.”

According to the UTT threat analysis, Muslim girls and women are under the coercion of legal penalty to cover themselves according to strict rules.

Those who do not do so face treatment as sex slaves. Those little girls and women could be raped, then punished for being raped.

“Islam teaches that if a Muslim man rapes a woman, it is because she did not cover the curves of her body, thus causing lust in the man. Therefore, according to Islam, when a woman is raped, it is her fault,” the UTT threat assessment reads.

normalizing a barbaric, brutal, vicious and oppressive system . . . why would anyone participate in World hijab day?

“The hijab does not represent ‘purity’ as many Muslims exclaim, but is a sign of oppression and slavery.”

Guandolo and his UTT team share the Christian Action Network’s added concern that World Hijab Day is being practiced in American public schools, and asked, as a recent CAN article asked, an important question.

The UTT threat assessment concludes:

“Is your local school district participating in World Hijab Day? (It) is all about normalizing sharia acceptance at the local level in areas where sharia is not the law of the land.

“This means normalizing a barbaric, brutal, vicious and oppressive system,” the assessment states. “Why would anyone participate in World Hijab Day?”

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