Yale Law defends students who attacked conservative debater at free speech event

Christian Kristen Waggoner/ Twitter

An event intended to show that a liberal atheist and a conservative Christian could find common ground on free speech issues devolved into leftist shouting and abuse at Yale Law School, of all places, and Yale is refusing to condemn the students involved.

At the March 10 event organized by the Federalist Society, students were filmed yelling at conservative Christian Kristen Waggoner of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) nonprofit, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Ironically, Waggoner was there to debate progressive Monica Miller from the American Humanist Association about freedom of speech. The conservative guest successfully defended a Supreme Court decision about a Colorado baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding ceremony.

The pro-homosexual protesters taunted the speaker, chanting “protect trans kids” and “shame, shame” throughout the law school building after police officers were forced to escort Waggoner and her debate opponent from the building. Yale Law School noted that the officers were on the scene to assist with security by school policy, but the presence of police seemed to further infuriate the woke protesters, who claimed having them on campus “prevents queer lives from flourishing.”

Among the taunts flung at Waggoner was “I”ll hurt you bitch.”

The Ivy League school claimed the leftist rabble-rousers have been “spoken to” about their threatening behavior on March 10, raising the question of whether the school’s reaction will be sufficient to prevent a repeat performance. School officials added that the administration is “in serious conversation with students about our free speech policies, expectations, and norms.”

Ellen Cosgrove, Associate Dean and Dean of Students at Yale, remained silent during the chaotic, embarrassing incident, but in a statement Yale Law said the dean is committed to allowing others to speak freely at the university.


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