YouTube Plans ‘More Rigorous’ Censorship of ‘Extremist’ Views

YouTube is vamping up its censorship of views that the corporation disagrees with on grounds of believing such views to be violent or insulting or based on racist agendas such as white supremacism. Where that leaves these men in favor of "Southern Nationalism" is uncertain, but they may be banned for making a reference to being white. (Facebook photo)

The Daily Mail – YouTube unveiled a more rigorous plan to curb hate speech, extremist views and false content on its platform amid mounting criticism over handling potentially harmful videos.

In a blog posted Wednesday, the firm said it will take further steps to eliminate videos promoting violence and extremism such as Nazi glorification and white supremacy. It will also remove videos that attempt to debunk known tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting and the Holocaust.

The action is expected to result in the removal of thousands of channels and videos that violate its newly established policies around supremacist content. However, YouTube didn’t name specific content or accounts that would be affected.

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