Zogby Poll Confirms Trump Approval Surpasses Half

Several polls have seen a surge in Trump's approval recently because of a booming economy, good labor-force numbers reported from the U.S. Census Bureau and the wrap up of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation indicating no collusion and no obstruction. (Reuters photo)

The Daily Mail – President Donald Trump’s job approval rating surpassed the half way mark in a Zogby Analytics poll published Tuesday. In the poll, Trump earned 51-percent approval from likely voters and 48-percent disapproval, and 2-percent say they are unsure.

Among younger millennials, those between 18 and 29, Trump received 51-percent approval, but among older millennial voters, those between 25 and 35, 53-percent approve of Trump’s job as president.

Middle-aged voters, between 35 and 54, are Trump’s biggest supporters, and the president earned 59-percent approval in that demographic. On the other hand, Trump’s disapproval rating is the highest among elderly voters 65 and older. In that group, 59-percent disapprove of Trump.

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