Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Ariz. governor angers left by signing bills on abortion, transgenders in...

Rebellion seems to be spreading among the nation's governors, led by Florida governor Ron DeSantis' bold stand against homosexual grooming of young children in...

More Kids are shot in Chicago than those dying from COVID

While the media seem single-mindedly obsessed with COVID deaths, particularly in places run by conservatives like Florida and Texas, in the city of Chicago...

Ohio ready to criminalize gender-transition procedures on minors by doctors

A proposed law to protect children from doctors who would irreversibly alter their gender and sexuality is drawing howls of protest in Ohio.

Parental consent measure in Florida passes another key hurdle

A measure to require parental consent before minors can get abortions turned into yet another party-line issue this week in Florida, reports nbcmiami.com.

Parental consent for abortion ready for Senate floor in Florida

The state of Florida is moving ahead with tightening restrictions on abortion, reflecting a trend that has been sweeping across large parts of the...

Report: UK Muslim sex grooming gangs victimized 19,000 children in 2019

Despite the publicity given to UK’s Pakistani (Muslim) sex grooming gangs since 2012, close to 19,000 children have been victimized by UK...